Barn Wood Wall

Project Description

The client of this project wanted to create a focal point in this old cabin style home, but one that could also function as the family’s entertainment area. After discussions of various materials and the desire to use reclaimed materials, the use of this 100 year-old barn wood from the mid-west was selected.

The door and window casings were made from 3″ x 4″ and 3″ x 6″ oak roof rafters. They were ripped on the long axis to create the raised door jam.

The wall was made using various species of wood including white oak, white pine, cedar and poplar. The wood was cleaned and sealed with a clear polyurethane for ease of cleaning and to seal-in any particulates.

The wall sconces were made from old Mexican school bus seats from the 1920’s. The rustic appearance of the wood was kept including the nail holes, remaining nail heads and the open knots. The various thickness of materials adds to the lighting effect in the evenings.

Project Details

Client Tom and Joyce C.
Date January 2016
Location Altadena

Project Photos